Ken Keong LEE/Danny Lee/李健强

Phd student at Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University, Japan.

Research Interest

  • Machine Learning in data analysis process in Experimental Physics
  • Bolometer development for neutirnoless double beta decay
  • Neutrino Physics, Low-background physics

About myself

Born in 1993 and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia till the age of 18 where I then pursued my undergraduate studies in Southampton, UK for 4 years. After that moved to Osaka, Japan for post-graduate studies. Currently resides in Japan.

My research area is within the realm of experimental neutrino physics with bits of machine learning. Currently I am developing a bolometer here in Osaka university from the ground up and I am also using unsupervised learning to perform evnet selection in our neutrinoless double beta decay experiment. The unsupervised learning approach I am using may be useful for the search of rare decay search or in particular detecting unexpected signal from raw background dominated data.

As my scholarship only covers living stipend here in Japan. Presenting my research in academic conference would require me getting support from school/supervisor which prove to be a challenge for myself. I am mostly working independently by myself for my thesis(I am saying this as getting feedback about my work is difficult from the people that I worked with). Therefore I am using this blog as a channel to share my research work to the internet + also a channel to vent my frustration encounter during this PhD process of mine.